Siemens NX curve and surface,easy for beginners

In the following example, we drop to use Siemens NX to construct the curve and create a mesh surface. Let’s get right to it.
Follow the detailed tutorial below to create the surface.


Step 1:

On the XY datum plane, sketch the following dimensions; and stretch the sketch to a height of 50mm.幻灯片1

Step 2:

Mirror the stretched surface above, using the Mirror Geometric Feature command;幻灯片2

Step 3:

Switch to the Curve toolbar and use “curve length” to duplicate the top and bottom curves, as shown in the following figure;幻灯片3

Step 4.

Still under the Curve toolbar, create two straight lines based on the two curves copied above.幻灯片4

Step 5:

Create a straight line based on the two poles as shown in the figure;幻灯片5

Step 6:

Using the Straight Line command, select the midpoint of the two straight lines to create a straight line;幻灯片6

Step 7:

Switch to the Surface toolbar and use the Surface Mesh command to build a surface based on the curve created above.幻灯片7

Step 8:

Select the surface and use the Surface Thickening command to create a solid with a thickness of 1mm.幻灯片8