Siemens NX to create the curved recliner

In this tutorial, we are going to use Siemens NX to create the curved recliner shown below, using some basic surface commands. Let’s give it a try.


Step 1:

First, create the following sketch on the XY plane, we’ll leave the size of the details alone for now, just the general outline.image-20231012224222258

Step 2:

Using the sketch created above, use the “Extrude” command with a length of 250mm.image-20231012224258115

Step 3:

Also in the YZ plane to create a sketch of the three reference planes, as shown in the figure below:image-20231012224316890

Step 4:

In the sketching planes created, create the following figure, three cross-section sketches.image-20231012224357123


Step 5:

Switch to the Surface toolbar and select the “Through Curve Mesh” command to create the following mesh surface;image-20231012224557683

Step 6:

Select the XZ plane, create a stretching sketch, and remove the surface as shown below:image-20231012224626275


Step 7:

Create the following sketch in the XY plane, and stretch and remove the surface. This is shown in the following figure:image-20231012224721210


Step 8:

Select the “Thicken” command to create a solid model of the surface with a wall thickness of 10mm:image-20231012224801107

Step 9:

Use the “Edge Blend” command to create a rounded feature, R85mm.image-20231012224828227


Step 10:

Use the “Face Blend” command to create a rounded feature for the boundary of the model. This is shown in the figure below;
Finally, let’s take a look at the finished result.