Siemens NX Tutorial for beginners,basic surface model of lampshade


This is a skeletonized lampshade, you can create a model of this lampshade by following the method below. When you are done you can print it out.

First create a new file and select the Rotate command to create a sketch in the XY plane with the absolute origin (0, 0) as the labeled starting point as shown below. Then rotate to get the right side of the rotator as shown below:


Next, select the upper surface plane of the rotator and use the Split command to split the rotator: as shown below:


Next, use the Extrude command to create a Ø42 diameter hole for the split body, as shown below:


Next, select the other side of the split body, and select the upper and lower surfaces of the body as the extraction surface, and the thickness of the extraction wall is 1.5mm, as shown in the figure below:


Next, select the lower surface of the body and use the Split command to split the body below. As shown in the figure below:


Next, select the XY plane, create a sketch as shown below, and Extrude the solid as shown in the right figure below:


Next, use the Boolean operation: Intersect. As shown below:


Next, select the Array Geometry command to create the complete lampshade body. As shown below

Finally, the Boolean operation, Summing, is shown below:

You can also learn from the video tutorial below: